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Colonial Connections Military Miniatures
Foremost Flags
Our artists in England and America have rendered over 300 sheets of exquisite flags and banners (with more coming monthly). These flags are available in all scales from 6mm to 30mm for the following:

Muslim Conquest
Italian (Medieval)
German Knights (Medieval)
Burgundian (Renaissance)
Battle of Agincourt
Landsknecht (16th Century)
Samurai (16th and 17th Centuries)
Wars of the Roses
Nasby Field
Seven Years War
War of Spanish Succession (Austrian, British, French, Hungarian, Prussian and Russian)
American Revolution (British, Continental, Hessian, and naval)
War of 1812
American Civil War (Union and Confederate)
British Napoleonic
Russian Napoleonic
Confederation of the Rhine Napoleonic
Brunswick Napoleonic
Prussian Napoleonic
Austrian Napoleonic
Hungarian Napoleonic
Portuguese Napoleonic
Spanish Napoleonic
Bavarian Napoleonic
Netherlands Napoleonic
Saxony Napoleonic
French Napoleonic
Italian Napoleonic
Duchy of Warsaw Napoleonic
Westphalian Napoleonic
Peninsula Campaign (Spanish, British, Portuguese)
French Revolution
Vietnam War
Korean War

We also provide metal poles and cast (Hinchliffe) tassels, French Eagles and
Austrian Eagles with ribbons for use with 25mm to 30mm figures

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