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Hinchliffe is a 25mm (25M on the Barrett Scale) name that has been around for decades and whose figures and famous equipments are currently figures cast by Ellerburn Armies in Yorkshire, England. The ranges have over 1100 different figures, include mounted and foot figures, and equipment and livestock representing the following periods:

Late Byzantine
Ancient Hun
Ancient Indian
Sassanid Persian
Ancient Chinese
Dark Ages (Norman and Saxon)
Ancient Carthaginian (Libyan, Moorish, Spanish and Gallic)
Ancient Briton
Ancient Egyptian
Achaemenian Persian
Ancient Roman (Legionaries, Byzantine, Centurion and Gladiators)
Ancient Greek
European Medieval (English, German, Spanish, French, Austrian, Crusader,
Saracen, Gothic, Mamluk, Turkish, and Venetian)
Robin Hood
Renaissance (Polish, Turkish, Russian, Landsknecht, Swiss, Spanish, Burgundian
Teutonic, Lithuanian, Ottoman, Arab, Janissary, Lithuanian, Tartar, and
Battle of Pavia (Landsknecht)
English Civil War
Seven Year's War (Austrian and Prussian)
French Revolution
British Napoleonic
French Napoleonic
Russian Napoleonic
Bavarian Napoleonic
Peninsula Campaign
Brunswick Napoleonic
Dutch-Belgian Napoleonic
Austrian Napoleonic
Hanoverian Napoleonic
Confederation of the Rhine Napoleonic
Battle of Waterloo
American Revolution (Continental, British, Hessian, Indian)
American Civil War (Union and Confederate)
American Wild West and Cowboy
British Colonial (British, Zulu, Indian, Dervish, Egyptian)
Personality figures ( all periods)

Horses (ancient, mediaeval, light, medium heavy, equipment)

Equipment (canons, guns, rifles, limbers, rockets, wagons, bombards, mortars,
siege guns, bridges, ambulances, gabions, barrels, and storming tower - to name a few)

Equipment Groups (include figures, draft animals, etc.)
(chariots, war elephants, ox carts, wagons, guns and artillery, limbers, field hospitals,
Tustudo, baggage camels, mule teams, etc.)

Hinchliffe also has a limited number of 30mm Napoleonic figures

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